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Distributed products -

Products Categories Benifits
Sorghum Fodder Drought Resistance ,Good plant height ,Green fodder
Barseem Fodder More Subsequent Cutting ,High nutrition Contains
Rai Grass Fodder Annual Fodder,Good for dairy farming
Multicut Millet Fodder Maximum Cuts ,Good in Nutrition value
Multicut Maize Fodder Soft Green Fodder ,Nutrition value
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Products Categories Benifits
HD 2687 Wheat Moderately susceptible to leaf and tolerant to bunt and Suitable for farming in U.P
PBW 343 Wheat Heat tolerant, water stagnation tolerant and lodging tolerant;Susceptible to brown rust and resistant to yellow rust, moderate resistant to Karnal bunt and tolerant to blight.
DBW 17 wheat Strong stem, tolerance to lodging; Resistant to brown and yellow rusts and Karnal bunt.
HD 3086 Wheat Plant height: 98 cm (range: 72-112) Maturity range: Seeding to flowering: 99 Days (range: 84-108)
PB1509 Paddy PB-1509 is a semi-dwarf (95-100 cm) Basmati rice variety with short structure and sturdy stem; owing to its early maturity.
PB1718 PADDY This variety is resistant to bacterial leaf blight and is suitable for cultivation in UP, Punjab and Haryana.
Products Categories Benifits
METHI-RMT-305 Leaf Vegetable Good height ,healthy green colour
BHINDI-GANGA, AVANTIKA Vegetable Higher produce per plant ,Disease tolerant
TOMATO-SHIVALIK Vegetable Higher Produce ,Good fruit size
RADISH-Sweta Vegetable Bigger size ,Good height
PALAK- PUSA BHARTI Leaf Vegetable All green ,Good leaf size
CARROT-Rishi Vegetable Good size ,higher produce
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