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Crop needs based chemical fertiliser management. Farmer advise on Integrated pest management.


Products Categories Benifits
MORTAR-Cartap Hydrochloride 75% SG Insecticide GermanyMortar controls all stages of insects (egg, larva, adult).Mortar gives complete protection via sytemic, contact and translaminar action.Mortar breaks the insect resistance and gives excellent resistance management (IRM)
Dhanutop (Pendimethalin 30% EC) Herbicide Dhanutop belongs to Dinitroaniline group and controls both, narrow and broad leaf weeds.Dhanutop is applied as pre-emergence herbicide.Dhanutop is a selective herbicide to be used before emergence of weeds and crops.After application of Dhanutop, a thin layer is formed at soil surface which prevents the germination of weeds.There must be sufficient soil moisture at the time of application of Dhanutop.
EM-1 Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG Insecticide EM-1 has a remarkable translaminar action by which it controls the caterpillars present on the lower surface of the leaves.The caterpillars stop causing damage to crops after 2 hours of the application of EM-1.
SUPERKILLER 25%EC Insecticide Superkiller is very effective in controlling the insects immediately after application even at lower doses.Superkiller does not leave residue in the crops and due to this quality it can be applied a week before the harvest of the crop.
MEDIAI midacloprid 17.8% SL Insecticide Media controls the termites of sugarcane.Media controls the sucking insect pests of various crops very effectively.
BARRIER Metribuzin 70% WP Herbicide It effectively controls Phalaris minor, which has developed resistance to most of the herbicides in addition to many other grasses and broad leaf weeds.It is economical because of its broad spectrum activity and low dose.


Products Categories Benefits
DHANZYME GOLD GRANULES Plant Nutrition ncreases growth of plant roots and number of branches.This helps to absorb essential nutrients and moisture from soil and make the plants strong.Increases the strength in plants to face adverse weather conditions.Ultimately there is increase in the number of flowers and fruits
RalliGold SP Plant Nutrition Suitable for seedling or soil application for All crops
Surplus Plant Nutrtion Suitable for Foliar spray in all crop
TATA Bahaar Plant Nutrition Unique plant growth promoter,Amino Acids based bio-stimulant
Geogreen Plant Nutrition Scientifically enriched organic manure,Custom Blended Organic Manure enriched with beneficial microbes